Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”M.S.P-A Shoulder For The Crow” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.png” description=” M.S.P. ( The Maranua Storey Project) is a musical collaboration between U.K. based singer/songwriter Mark Storey and Indonesian based guitarist/producer Tommy Maranua which began in 2012. The two musicians have never metContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Falling Apart- Flying Rats” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”Formed in 2004 in the punk rock n roll desert of North Devon, Falling Apart are a 4 piece band playing an energetic and musical set of punk rock n roll and New waveContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Netchaeva/De Lozier-No Strings Attached” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”How can you describe this , well imagine 2 of the worlds top players of their instruments i/e Diana Netchaeva Violinist extrodinaire together with Ric De Lozier Guitar Maestro and you wdnt believe whatContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Anam Amhran – For The Lord & Lady” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”This is an absolutly stunning Album in general especially in a genre which seems to have gone missing somewhat The vocals of Tonya and Faron meld together extremley well ,withContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Marty Kristian- Saint & Sinners” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”Marty Kristian (born Martins Vanags on 27 May 1947) is a German-born, British-based musician. He grew up, and started his musical career, in Australia, as a solo artist. He is a singer-guitarist and,Continue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00. [wp_cart_display_product name=”Angel Desvio- Umbral” price=”8.00″ file_” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”ANGEL DESVÍO is a band from the party of Gral. San Martín, on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires, Agentina. .”](PLEASE NOTE) A download link will be sent to your email address onceContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Leona’s Sister – Out Of The Basement” price=”8.00″ file_’s%20Sister/Leona’” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”A retro heavy rock band led by the powerful and unique vocals of JT. Toronto, Ontario Canada “Leona’s Sister” was originally a recording project created in 1998 by JT. TheContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Screamin Eagles Band – Asphalt Warrior ” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”I can’t be any prouder, to see this Modern Southern Rock Band make they’re dream come true recording their 1st debut CD in Nashville with Grammy Award winner musician/producer Johnny Neel.Continue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Jartse Tuominen – Untold Stories” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×320.jpg” description=”A superb instrumental Album from the amazing guitarist that is Jartse Tuominen Up there alongside the great names in the world of guitar today and he certainly shows it with this phenominal albumContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Thanos – Tears LikeRain” price=”5.99″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”I was born in Athens. When I was 13 years old, I bought my first guitar, a small classical one, Music for me is like painting a picture with sounds.After 3 years I wroteContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Conspires to – Heartland” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”This brilliant Album is a huge departure for the guys from there usual toe curling metal ,this is a difficult one to explain but it is the opposite ,very ballady,soft, thoughtful,meaningful, and incredible,the titleContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Blindside Thunder-Exposed” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”BlindSide Thunder is changing the game in the genre of heavy and hard rock music. Incarnated from the ashes of past classic rock, blues and metal, BST has created and established a patent on their uniqueContinue Reading