Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”M.S.P-A Shoulder For The Crow” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.png” description=” M.S.P. ( The Maranua Storey Project) is a musical collaboration between U.K. based singer/songwriter Mark Storey and Indonesian based guitarist/producer Tommy Maranua which began in 2012. The two musicians have never metContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Netchaeva/De Lozier-No Strings Attached” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”How can you describe this , well imagine 2 of the worlds top players of their instruments i/e Diana Netchaeva Violinist extrodinaire together with Ric De Lozier Guitar Maestro and you wdnt believe whatContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Marty Kristian- Saint & Sinners” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”Marty Kristian (born Martins Vanags on 27 May 1947) is a German-born, British-based musician. He grew up, and started his musical career, in Australia, as a solo artist. He is a singer-guitarist and,Continue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Diana Netchaeva – Violin on Fire” price=”8.00″ file_” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”This is a bit, in fact a lot special , Diana is a world ranked solo violinist , and certainly shows it with this Album Ranging from Blues to Tribal to CountryContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £2.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Pocono Posse – Sun Comes Up” price=”2.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”A superb track from this new up and coming band. With a smooth soft rock feel and a classic metal/blues undertone this is a fantastic track. This band is definitly one toContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £8.00 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Conspires to – Heartland” price=”8.00″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”This brilliant Album is a huge departure for the guys from there usual toe curling metal ,this is a difficult one to explain but it is the opposite ,very ballady,soft, thoughtful,meaningful, and incredible,the titleContinue Reading

Listen Or Buy The Album Now Only £5.99 [wp_cart_display_product name=”Change The Letter-These Quiet Streets” price=”5.99″ file_url=”” thumbnail=”×300.jpg” description=”These Quiet Streets’ by Change The Letter is a modern acoustic-pop powerhouse, with rhythmic melodies and gentle vocals embezzled with clarity and focus throughout. Lyrically rich and distinguishably creative whilst still maintaining familiarContinue Reading