Thanos – Tears LikeRain

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I was born in Athens. When I was 13 years old, I bought my first guitar, a small classical one, Music for me is like painting a picture with sounds.After 3 years I wrote my first musical piece. Since then, I have worked with several bands as a guitar/bass player. Beautifull years the Soul Spirits years,great band,great time,great performances , great friends of mine.In 2004, I built a small studio and I began to record my music. So far i have recorded two albums( LPs), playing all the instruments myself. first album named Tears Like Rain are included on this site. It is a 40 minute piece of music comprising two parts. small limited edition(EP)album is dedicated to the most important person on earth for me,my daughter ILIA,v

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2 reviews for Thanos – Tears LikeRain

  1. anthony albanese

    Stunning performance!!!!!

  2. Mary Downs

    great music very soothing

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