Thanos – One Life

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I was born in Athens. When I was 13 years old, I bought my first guitar, a small classical one, Music for me is like painting a picture with sounds. .After 3 years I wrote my first musical piece. Since then, I have worked with several bands as a guitar/bass player. Beautifull years the “Soul Spirits” years,great band,great time,great performances , great friends of mine.In 2004, I built a small studio and I began to record my music, dedicated to the most important person on earth for me,my daughter ILIA, who accompanies me on this new single

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5 reviews for Thanos – One Life

  1. Mary Downs

    This song rings true in today’s times… well done Thanos BRAVO!!!!!!

  2. Lori Jean Finnila

    Very hot song. Love the daughter’s vocals.

  3. Nancy

    Great song. And I love your daughter’s vocals.

  4. Heather Laude


  5. Julie

    thank you!
    “no more war, one life we have…”
    cherish sacred life don’t be bad!
    keep singing, playin music! sounds good; groovy!

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