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Station Island are an exciting power rock trio from the UK playing their own brand of 70s influenced rock music. Pinning down a style is tricky as the band draws from a wide array of influences, across a barrage of genres, ranging from metal to blues to funk to grunge, but always with a leaning towards the the progressive. The three piece format allows the band to depart on some exciting instrumental journeys throughout the songs, leaving you wondering where things will go next. One thing is certain, they are never dull.

The band was formed in 2015 by Lee Macey (Guitars & Vocals) and Kym Blackman (Bass & Vocals), two musical friends who had rocked the music scene together band in the 90s. The brief was simple, make a three piece sound as big as possible, write catchy songs with big riffs, choruses and harmonies……just be big!!! The line up was completed by Dave Mcgrane on drums and after a couple of years of playing the pubs and clubs their first self produced album Light was completed. The album documents their musical journey so far and contains all the tracks that anyone who has seen them live will recognise.

Dave left the band in 2019 and has been replaced by Trevor Kennedy, a powerhouse behind the kit. The band continues with more gigs being planned for 2020, and a second album already in the making. Exciting times lay ahead.

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