Ric Delozier EP – Phoenix Rising

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From the opening notes on the New Delozier EP Phoenix Rising, I knew I was about to be taken on a ride, and I was not disappointed. Now mind you am, a bit new to Ric Delozier and his virtuoso playing, all I can say is wow. Ric plays with all the heart and soul of the likes of Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett and Yngwie Malmsteen. As Andreas Leyer who reminds me in so many ways of Geoff Tate,.helps take you on a ride all of his own. You can just feel how he treats the guitar is merely an extension of himself as Ric Delozier melts your face off from the start of Decedance, through the massively powerful Drown In Pain, Mean Machine right on through to the end of the title track, Phoenix Rising you should be able to tell that the paint on your walls are peeling!! Evoking emotion like no other, Delozier’s Phoenix Rising is an excellent EP and a must listen for any fan of guitarist and metal music everywhere. Bow down folks, there is a guitar God, and his name, Is Rick Delozier!!!!

Corey Lee Trader-Guitarist of Arrows of Apocalypse
Edited by Angela DePetris Phillippe


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