Lest We Forget – Various Artists

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This is an Album from various artists on Dr Johns Surgery Records ,all down to one guy
Duane Watson who put his heart and soul into a track for the Canadian Veterans however it grew from that awesome track to0 artists wanting to contribute and this great album sprang into life
veterans all over the world put their lives on the line for their country and the people so they can have the life they want yet when they come out of service ,it seems they are forgotten homeless in some case mentally shot in others treated like second rate citizens in most , people quite happily give to a lot of causes but for some reason the x military are left out as if they dont exist , i am proud of thsi album that artists on my label have done and yes it means alot to me and hopefully to you as well ,
100% of all sales ,streams, donations will go to various vets charities around the world why ? BECUASE THEY HAVE EARNED and DESERVE IT

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3 reviews for Lest We Forget – Various Artists

  1. Ameri Shaye

    This album is absolutely brilliant! It is touching and patriotic and it really makes you stop and think about things that maybe everyday life has made you forget. But your everyday life would be far different if not for our veterans. That in itself should be reason enough to remember. Thank you to all the Veterans all over the world. Fantastic EP and a must buy!!

  2. Anthony Thomson

    This album is incredible from start to finish, I can’t heap enough praise on it, and you can quote me on that.

  3. John Beattie

    This album is a brilliant album and it’s very touching and full of amazing songs for all our veterans wherever they are around the world.
    A must buy album.

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