Kayla Eubanks Album – Momma why did you steal myTruck

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Kayla Eubanks, a young, rising, country music artist has just signed with my friend, Dr John, right here on Surgery Records!! So of course I had to have a listen. First of all, let me say, I grew up in the country and on country music, and with just about as much other music as my young abinormal brain could absorb. It was awesome to hear an artist from today, who sounds like the country I grew up with. Not that I don’t love some of the country out there today, but my roots were more Tammy Wynette, Dolly, Crystal Gayle, Willie, Waylon, Hank Sr. etc. So I found Kayla’s beautiful voice, old school country sound and song writing to be just what I needed to hear. I’m very excited to see where Kayla is gonna go in the future, and am looking forward to hearing more from this wonderful artist! The Frau wanted to add that she’s not much of a country music gal, but found Kayla’s country music IS one she can survive!


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