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Jørg is well known for the different styles of music he is working with. From the creator of two successful Bluesrock Albums “We call it Blues” and “Angry Road”, the Classic Rock Album “Love!”, the EP “Slide Fusion” and the great Powermetal Conceptalbum “Aeternom – Fight for the Kingdom” comes here a new facette of Jørg: the instrumental Album “TORN”.
“I always thought about a way to integrate my love to the classical music of the great maestros into my world of Rockmusic and Guitarplay. Sure, there are lots of musicians that use classical orchestra elements in their Rockmusic, but I wanted to have it pure and natural. I decided not to mix it – instead I composed classical music pieces. Only the electric guitar and Orchestra. And they coexist very well with the Rocksongs on this Album”.
TORN contains five classical compositions and six instrumental Rock songs to reveal his variety in Rockmusic, Powermetal and extraordinary guitar techniques. Every lover of fat Leadguitar sounds, exciting fast guitar play and typical Baroque elements will find a favourite song on this detailed recordings!
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5 reviews for Jorg Klein-Torn

  1. Ciorgan Laurentiu

    “I think music is the greatest art form that exists, and I think people listen to music for different reasons, and it serves different purposes. The best songs are the ones that make you feel something” said Eddie Vedder. With that quote in mind Torn is definitely a journey you must take, just close your eyes and feel it, as you travel between the notes on the internal landscapes created by this music. Without many words written I’m letting Jørg speak to you through his music and be your guide in this adventure.

  2. Tony Rampling

    Musical genius!! The combination of classic, rock, jazz and blues is incredible. This is a joy to behold indeed!!
    Jørg just keeps re-inventing himself, his talents are vast and he has so many styles to draw from that you can only look forward to everything he releases. To see him live is a truly amazing experience, for me this is his best album (so far) and I cannot wait to see it performed live!! Congratulations!!

  3. Brian

    I heard some of these tracks on a radio station called pluto radio. This is a wild great tone tech guitar player. Fantastic songs. Perfect for me cuz I like to rock when I work out. Definitely 5 stars

  4. Mary Downs

    This music is brilliant folks take a listen…. so very tastefully done… a great artist I recommend that you take a listen

  5. Benny

    This is fantastic SUper charged Guitar Playing. I heard him on pluto Radio. Great

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