Imran Ahmed-(Project x)All Guns Blazing

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The reason why I got into music in the first place and particularly into heavy metal/rock music was because I was angry. I was angry at so many things my surroundings, my circumstances I was a misfit in the society I felt alienated and left out .Fame and money was the last thing on my mind. I chose music because it was an escape for me and I thought that one song can change the world and if not the world it might change one person and that means everything to me.If one person can relate to my music it means I have achieved my goal. I don’t care if I will ever go mainstream.What I always wanted was to write music which pleases me rather than anyone else. To me music and lyrics are equally important both should go hand in hand, both should me powerful enough to create an impact. I believe sky is not the limit your mind is. The more limitations you put, the more you restrict yourself from improvement. My music doesn’t stick to one particular genre it has so much going on. Last but not the least, if you don’t believe in yourself why would anyone else believe in you? PEACE !

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