Gut Gut-Wazooland

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GuT GuT is a band playing original world rock compositions; their music fuses the rhythms of traditional music with rock beats,
electro, and whose influences are multiple, from baroque to oriental music, progressive rock of the 70/80 forerunners of this kind of fusion, like Peter Gabriel and Genesis or Magma, to other original mergers like Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Radio Head, as well as personalities such as Bjork, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, the gigantic work of Frank Zappa, not to mention contemporary urban music. GuT GuT is composed of three musicians multi-instrumentalists living in the south of France, the group was formed in 2015 Markis Sarkis on vocals, electric guitar, bouzouki and bass, Pnine Gefart on 12-string and electric guitars, and percussion and choirs (Pnine joined the group at the end of 2017 from Athan Sirius), and Fred Moutte with various percussions and choirs (Fred joined the group in early 2019 after the departure of Barine Droye who was working on 12-string guitar, bass and choirs. The three musicians of GuT GuT often move from one instrument to another in concert. One of the peculiarities of GuT GuT is the original language created based phonetics sought for their sound color, where the meaning, without being absent, leaves more room for the emotion embodied by the voices. Strangeness of a language sometimes close to Esperanto, in search in any case of such a universal character. The music played by the group wants to be without a cultural barrier, it borrows both acoustic and electric sonorities, both traditional and electro rhythms, both oriental tones and indie rock. GuT GuT is firmly in the mainstream of styles free music. And in concert, the group does not hesitate to give versions of their re-arranged titles for the needs of the live, tending towards even more energy and spectacle.

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