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This Album just grew on me, the bowie- esque music is superb, if I didnt know any better I wd say it is Bowie himself. The tracks are incredible, the music amazing and the video well only 1 other person would even think about doing one like this absolutly Brilliant Album THIS BAND COULD GO VERY FAR INDEED


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1 review for Gut Gut – tpecnoc mublA

  1. Lee Macey

    This is my favourite album of 2019! It is so refreshingly different, and there are so many eclectic influences that every listen has you discovering something new.

    The album as a whole sounds like the sound track that would be playing if David Bowie met Ravi Shankar in a bar in Harlem! I have no idea what is being sung or even what language it is in however I still manage to sing along to the infectious melodies. The eastern influences are very apparent and this with the 70’s cool vibe makes for great music.

    Stand out tracks for me are Atlan, Anizark and my personal favourite Elektra Dafoudjis, the riff is killer!!

    Highly recommended, its an awesome album!!

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