Giants Lay Buried-Bad Blood

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Formed in 2014, out of the ashes of local Somerset Bands Method Own and Double veteran, Giants Lay Buried strive to bring together an eclectic mix of styles and influences to create an energetic and melodic brand of music that will set heads nodding.

Our music spans genre’s, from the Classic Rock feel of ‘Gorilla Bar’, the metal vibe of ‘Bad Blood’ to the bluesy based acoustic sounds of ‘River’. There is definitely something for everyone…

“Supported by a coach load of fans, Giants Lay Buried bring the evening to life…the riffs of Sabbath coupled with the delivery of Thousand Yard Stare almost cause a riot”
UKunsigned Battle of the Bands Gig Review

“Saturday night was Eclectic Lemon’s first big event of the year, in collaboration with Soundbite Productions – world famous DJ and producer Krafty Kuts graced us with his presence at the arts centre, fresh from performing at Bestival on Sunday (13th September). Supported by Giants Lay Buried, a local rock band, and DJs Formant Cell and DJ Dingle, the night was a complete success, with 115 people through the door. With an extremely devoted crowd, Giants Lay Buried opened the night in style, showing off their collection of original songs, as well as a cover of Molly’s Chamber by Kings of Leon. The interaction with the crowd was simply amazing, and the set was filled with epic guitar solos and drum patterns, which had the crowd going wild – not to mention the bass. Having seen the turn out for Giants Lay Buried, we knew we were in for a good night”

ECLECTIC LEMON – Krafty Kuts Gig Review

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