Duane Watson-Five To Fifty Five

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went on the road when I was 18 in 1977,I had a three piece band and I played Western Canada,playing bars,cabarets you name it I’d play there,1985 took that four year break 1989 went back on the road till New Year’s Eve 1999,took a 18 year break never to return to music because I blamed music for my drug and alcohol abuse,what an arse hole lol,I’ve written about 40 songs in the last two years it’s not much but it’s a start,I wanna tour and hopefully record everything I’ve got,no ego hear bro I write about my life,I was born in Calgary Alberta,when I was five we moved to a horse and cattle ranch north of Fort St. John,I went to a one room school house 14 kids one teacher,I worded on cattle ranches till I went on the road in 1977,



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