Dee Rocks-Muddy Water (single)

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Dee Rocks new single Muddy Water
A track that you will keep playing over and over again , Dee at his best ,great outlaw Country with a bit of Southern rock thrown in for good measure great track ,one for the car definitly…

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16 reviews for Dee Rocks-Muddy Water (single)

  1. Miranda Coenen

    Heart touching,very emotional,love it

  2. Annemarie Picerno

    Dee Rock puts Mojo Magic in this song which not only bbn possesses powerful lyrics, but an energetic and soulful arrangement filled with funky guitar riffs and that raspy but exciting bluesy vocal that Dee Rock is a master of.

  3. Blue Jay

    Dee Rock’s #KillinIt as usual with Muddy Water..!!..

  4. Annemarie Picerno

    DEE ROCK has the mojo in the music, and this southern rocking bluesy delight gets you dancing and singing to his shredding guitars, soulful voice, and driving beats. Definitely a WINNER!

  5. Sheila Durrett

    Dee never disappoints❤️🎶❤️ Excellent

  6. Sheila Durrett

    Dee never disappoints! 🎶🎶🎶 excellent!

  7. Sheila Durrett

    Love the song it’s nothing less than perfect! 🎶🎶🎶

  8. Babette Mccready Voisin

    Oh. My AWESOME.. Once again. A hit. YOUR words hit home.. Love ya 💘

  9. Kathy Davis

    I listened three times before I came to review this song. Itself multi dimensional and I needed to digest it. This is one of Desi’s best songs so far. His lyrics, his vocals, his guitar, all of it, superb! This is definitely a winner! ♥️

  10. Sammy Ozborn

    A haunting story sung with “the feels” and perfectly harmonised by angel voices! Another flawless masterpiece from the Crenshaw Cowboy…Dee Rock!

  11. Sammy Ozborn

    A haunting story sung with “the feels” and perfectly harmonised by angelic voices! Another flawless masterpiece from the Crenshaw Cowboy….Dee Rock!

  12. Dove Arney

    Another one I will add to my Collection..Mississippi Waters and my spiritual waters relate to this..Love it..gvgeyuhi Desi Rock

  13. Bo Strömstedt

    This is the third time i listen to “Muddy Waters” and its getting better and better. Love this song !! Really, good music !

  14. David Passmore

    This song speaks to the core of people who explore life and the spoils of this wicked world. Only Dee can bring this song to life. He identifies with the song and thats what allows him to pour his heart into his music. This is a song of redemption…..its a music mojo that he delivers going back to his roots……Awesome song….Dee!!!! It was my honor to co write this song with you and Connie….Thank you for bringing this song to life….

  15. Smiley Mike

    Sounds great keep it up

  16. Debbie Hulsey

    Awesome song Dee

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