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ANGEL DESVÍO is a band from the Gral. San Martín district, on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires, Agentina. Its members are Chelo: drums, Pablo: bass and Fausto: guitar and vocals. Formed as a band of friends in 1998, it changed its name to ANGEL DESVÍO in 2003 to publish its first demo. Having already performed innumerable concerts and having recorded several demos, he is part of an album tribute to SUMO (local cult band) in 2008. In the following years they begin to work on their first album, performing several concerts in parallel. In 2012, and after almost 2 years of recording bases, overdubs, editing, mixing, mastering, re-editing, remixing and remastering, they managed to publish their first album independently entitled Planeta Subterraneo.

Currently the band has in their hands the material of what will be their second album entitled THRESHOLD, ESTRIDENCIA, FEEDBACK. It will be presented in the format of 3 EPs of 4 tracks each for digital platforms. They will be presented periodically, the first, THRESHOLD, and the second, ESTRIDENCIA, have already been presented. The second EP will be FEEDBACK …

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3 reviews for Angel Desvios-EP-Feedback

  1. sil be

    muy buen trabajo. !!!! great job!!!

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