Ameri Shaye ft Samuli Federley – Rescue Me

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Rescue Me’ by Ameri Shaye ft Samuli Federley

Written by Ameri Shaye and Samuli Federley
‘Rescue Me’ is a brilliant new track from 15 year old Ameri Shaye and features music by Samuli Federley. Ameri Shaye has been thrilled to  not only test the waters with more of a Rock vibe but to do it with such a personal song. ‘
“Rescue Me’ is about the overwhelming anxiety people suffer, including myself. I think on different levels we all think we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and that is where anxiety will unfortunately take it’s opportunity to creep in. ‘Rescue Me’ is a song about trying to save myself in those anxious moments. Looking myself in the mirror and saying you are good, you are smart, you are beautiful. We all need rescued at some point for some reason. Sometimes we need to have the strength inside and Rescue ourselves.”
The emotional power brought to this song from not only Ameri Shaye’s vocals but Samuli Federley’s intense depiction of the topic is a match like no other.



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