Aeternom -Inquisition

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Here comes a new story told by AETERNOM:
The title song of the forthcoming album INQUISITION contains everything the German power metal band AETERNOM stands for: hard and fast drum play, soul warming deep bass tunes, biting high speed guitars and on the top Matthias “Wauxl” Pfallers unique voice. Here we have the first single of an Album that tells the tale of a small thorp anywhere in the world that is being visited by the Inquisition: to “tear out the tumor of heathen rites before it proliferates”.
Like it was in their first album “Fight! for the Kingdom” there are different thematic aspects to watch out for. Is Marian the Healer really a poisoner? Will the Inquisitor act without mercy? Are all villagers as innocent as they seem to be? Two different styles of metal music will be heard – one more into Power metal, the other more into Pagan Metal. “Sure, we have the aspiration to hold a high musical level that we created with the first album. With some fresh elements and new sounds we are sure to give our fans exactly what they waited for! The Title song INQUISITION will show you, what the Album will bring – we are proud and strong and working hard on the new tracks for you!”
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