Aeternom – Fight For The Kingdom

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AETERNOM is a project from Jörg Klein (a.k.a. Jørg) and Matthias “Wauxl”

The Album “Fight! for the Kingdom” startet as a studio project from
Jørg, but it took not long time to get Wauxl with his extraordinary
Voice into it.
Both they are musicians and music teacher so the love for the music was
always their common thing. After a short period of playing the songs
live the bandmembers went separate ways. Wauxl became the singer and
frontman of german band “Mass” and for a time he worked together with
Didi Saller (Blue Cheer) in the Band “Ravenryde”. Jørg discovered his
love to bluesrock music, had several live gigs in Germany, Romania and
Latvia and developed his abilities in sound engineering in his own
studio. His music is well known from several radiostations around the world.

Now they are back – with a fresh sound, new recorded tracks on the Album
and a lot of expierience.
“Final warning” is a part of the concept album “Fight! for the Kingdom”.
It is the last call not to start the war again, that lasts for too long
time in the kingdom of Kalee.
“This is the best sound we ever had” so they say “and we will start over
now. The time has come – let’s fight! for the Kingdom”

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2 reviews for Aeternom – Fight For The Kingdom

  1. Anthony Green

    A wonderful mix of old and new with tones of Helloween Dio and others. Great work guys.

  2. Steve Millman

    Absolutely love every Track on this stunning album an amazing well thought out fresh but definte roots of classic rock inflences withthe superb Jørg Klein instruments and vocals by the amazing Matthias “Wauxl”
    Pfaller.with a well produced tight sound this is a winner for me from germany , Hail Aeternom long may your music delight our ears and senses,,,,,,,,,

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